acroMIS is a medtech management consulting firm that applies a unique hospital spend analysis and validation (SAV) method to visualize real-time data about the clinical utilization of physician preference items (PPIs). Among other medical technology products,  SAV applies to medical devices and surgical consumables used in:

CRM Device Insertion (cardiac rhythm management)
Knee Replacement
Hip Replacement
Lumbar Fusion
Cervical Fusion

About Physician Preference Items (PPIs):

To the extent that physicians in the same hospital have different preferences for implantable medical devices (IMDs), it remains an open value equation to obtain a reduction in IMD cost. Although physicians are not involved in physician preference item (PPI) procurement negotiations, they often express strong preferences for certain manufacturers and models.

“Implementing IMD value and spend analysis programs effectively involves changing the way people have been working for many years. We found that it is not the technology that is the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Rather, the key challenge when implementing these programs is influencing the hearts and minds of stakeholders.”

The result of our work is that our clients gain the efficiency, expertise and cost containment associated with the promotion and implementation of physician buy-in and clinical cost-containment strategies for PPIs. Our clients contain PPI cost while aligning utilization with efficient medtech procurement.