PPI Spend Analysis and Validation:

Rigorous spend analysis and validation (SAV) process designed as a product evaluation plan for launching one’s own CER* pilot, gathering more outcomes data and data on more types of outcomes such as:


in both, consolidated and competitive hospital markets. The SAV cycle is a transparent data platform to clinically differentiate products in verifiable ways. The  SAV cycle usually starts with an Opportunity Assessment:


*Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is designed to improve health care decision-making by providing evidence about the effectiveness, benefits and costs of different treatment options.

To support assertions over value, PPI vendors tend to use any pre-marketing trials to gather as much PPI utilization evidence as possible with focus on the quality of patient care, cost-effectiveness and safety. Part of the SAV program are device performance ratings and visualization tools  based on front-line acceptability data and cost per case visibility of PPIs in the operating room (OR).

We provide clinical, operational and financial insights on OR consumables and work with surgeons, nurse managers, purchasing staff, and vendors to prioritize their organization’s opportunities for efficiency.

Our value analysis process works because we accurately depict the physicians work, and enhance actionable data for the things that matter to them.